Full body skin check & molescan

Out of pocket fees: $95 non-pensioners, $75 for Pensioners and Department of Veteran Affairs members.

Dr. Safaie utilises the most advanced technology & imaging system with high resolution and magnification up to 130 times, in order to scan all spots on the body.

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Skin cancer is by far the most common cancer in Australia, killing 5 people every day. Early detection is the key to treatment of skin cancer, giving us the best chance of targeting, treating and surviving skin cancer.

Full Body Skin check & Molescan

  • - Regular full body skin checks provide you with the best chance of detecting skin cancer early.
  • - Our doctors are accredited by the Skin Cancer College of Australasia and specialise in skin cancer medicine and surgery.
  • - Our doctors perform a thorough head to toe examination ensuring that nothing sinister is missed.
  • - We use Dermoscopy (Molescan), a new technique in diagnosing skin cancer, to detect changes not visible to the naked eyes.

Dermoscopy (Molescan)

Dermoscopy is a new technique in which the mole structure is analysed by using highly magnified images of your moles.

Dermoscopic Image

Dermoscopic Image

Dermoscope (Mole scanner) is an epiluminescence microscope creating magnified dermoscopic images.



We use state-of-art Digital dermoscope (Fotofinder Medicam 1000) which can create high resolution images of moles up to 130 times magnification.

Digital Dermoscope (Fotofinder)

Digital Dermoscope (Fotofinder)

How is the skin check performed?

The skin check lasts around 20 minutes. The doctor will examine your body from head to toe.You will be required to undress to your underwear and a blanket can be provided for your comfort.

Genital areas are not routinely examined; however, skin cancers can develop in any area of the body and you should inform the doctor about any suspicious spots under your underwear.The doctor will only check these areas if you request them to do so.

Please avoid wearing nail polish, make-up or a fake tan when you come in for your skin examination , as these products can disguise spots and make them harder to find.

The procedure is completely painless. If the doctor finds a suspicious spot, they might take a photograph to be recorded and analysed, and they might take a biopsy which is a sample of the skin.