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At QC Skin Cancer & Laser Clinic, our skin cancer specialist doctors provide removal of benign or non-cancerous moles, age spots, skin tags and cysts, allowing your skin to shine. Using the most up-to-date Radio Surgical Device, our procedures are blade-free with no bleeding and no stitches. This leads to a natural cosmetic result with no scarring.

Age Spot Mole Removal

Specialised Doctors & scarless result

Age Spots, Moles, Skin Tags and cysts are four common types of non-cancerous skin growths. However, serious skin cancers could resemble one of these benign lesions. At QC skin cancer & Laser clinic Our Skin Cancer Specialists firstly examine all spots for removal thoroughly to rule out possibility of cancer. Then Our highly experienced doctors utilise the Ellman RF, a radio surgical device to safely remove any moles or other benign lesions. This requires a minimal amount of local anaesthetic and time to produce an immediate and noticeable change.

At QC Skin Cancer Clinic, doctors strive to provide the best care for their patients, from diagnosis to completion of treatment. We have been offering Mole removal in the Nobel Park area for many years and are the trusted clinic for age spot and Mole removal in Nobel Park.

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