Here is a simple guide to help you check your skin and recognise the early signs of skin cancer.

SSorescaly, itchy, bleeding, tender and doesn’t heal within 6 weeks
CChangingin appearance (size, shape or colour)
AAbnormallooks different, feels different, or stands out when compared to others
NNewmost melanomas and all other skin cancers arise this way
  • The more of the above SCAN features a spot or mole has, the more concerning it may be. (e.g. A new mole, that is changing in appearance and that is abnormal, is one that should be checked by a doctor urgently.)
  • Most people have made all their moles by the time they are 40. A new mole after this age is more suspicious, and the older you are the more suspicious a new mole is.
  • If you do find a spot or mole of concern, see your doctor for either a “spot check”, or a full skin check.
  • Become familiar with the spots and moles on your skin. You should check your own, and/or your partner’s, skin regularly.