mole removal tools


mole removal tools


What is The Ellman Surgitron RF

The Ellman Surgitron is a brand of radio-frequency (RF) surgical devices, and it is commonly known for its application in electrosurgery. The term “RF” stands for radio-frequency, which refers to the oscillating electrical current used in these devices.



Ellman Surgitron


The Ellman Surgitron is a radio-surgical device and is a cutting-edge tool that blends the precision of surgery with the power of radiation therapy. Designed to deliver precise doses of radiation to specific target areas such as moles, age spots, skin tags, cysts and other benign lesions. 


How Does It Work

Radiosurgery delicately removes moles or benign lesions using an electrosurgical device that generates ultra-high-frequency wavelengths. This method minimises damage to surrounding tissue, requiring minimal local anesthesia and a brief procedure time. It delivers impressive cosmetic results.


Why We Use The Ellman Surgitron RF

Here at QC Skin & Laser Clinic we use the latest medical technology and the Ellman Surgitron (RF) provides our patients with no blade, no bleeding and no stitches. The precision of the device also helps to minimise damage to surrounding healthy tissue. This leads to a natural cosmetic result with no scarring.



Transforming The Medical Approach 

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical technology, radio-surgical devices stand out as a beacon of hope and progress. By combining the accuracy of radiation therapy with the principles of surgery, these devices are transforming the way we approach the treatment of various medical conditions, such as mole removal and age spots, skin tags, cysts and other benign lesions.



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