Anti-Wrinkle Injection

Our facial expressions make us who we are - but each time you squint, smile or frown, you use one or more facial muscles to crease your face. Over time, repetitive use of these facial muscles will result in the formation of wrinkles.

Our cosmetic doctors use anti-wrinkle injections to relax facial muscles. This has allowed our patients to maintain a fresh and youthful look while preventing premature aging.
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The art of achieving a natural look with cosmetic injectables is accomplished by tailoring the appropriate anti-wrinkle injection dosage in accordance with each individual patient.

As leading skincare specialists in Melbourne, our cosmetic doctors have the right training and knowledge to issue the appropriate dosage to provide our clients with their desired results.

On average, results show within four to six days following cosmetic Anti wrinkle injections, with the effect lasting up to three to four months. A longer-lasting effect is achieved with regular injection treatments.

Treatment Areas

Frown Lines

Years of squinting and frowning can leave deep-set wrinkles in the skin between the eyebrows, on the bridge of the nose, across the forehead and at the corners of the eyes. Frown lines are troublesome for many as a furrowed, wrinkled brow can give off the wrong impression. If frown lines become bothersome, it is worth consulting a cosmetic doctor. Our trusted Skin Care Specialist in Melbourne can diminish the look of frown lines through the use of  cosmetic Anti wrinkle injection.

Frown Lines Treatment
Frown Lines Treatment on Men
Forehead Lines

Forehead lines are a common treatment area, as many find that these wrinkles can dramatically age the face. These wrinkles often form as we age, where a loss of elasticity in the skin above and between the eyebrows no longer holds the firmness it once did in youth. If forehead lines are aging you, maybe it is time to consult our Skin Cancer & Laser clinic in Melbourne. Our trusted skincare Specialists in Melbourne can reduce the look of forehead lines effectively with anti-wrinkle cosmetic injectables.

Forehead Wrinkles Treatment
Eyes Corner Lines

‘Crows feet’ are most noticeable when you squint, and with age, these wrinkles can start to form around the corners and beneath the eyes. Often caused by the years of facial muscle movements that come with squinting and laughing, many patients can feel demoralised by the appearance of these wrinkles. Our cosmetic doctor at QC Skin Cancer & Laser Clinic can help you achieve that appearance of firm, rejuvenated skin once again, with anti-wrinkle cosmetic injections.

Crows feet Treatment
Eye Corner Lines Treatment
Bunny Nose Lines

‘‘Bunny lines’ are fine wrinkles that can form on either side of the nose. These wrinkles are caused by consistent facial muscle movement over time, but many clients feel that a ‘bunny nose’ can reduce the appearance of firm, youthful skin. Anti-wrinkle cosmetic filler injections are used by our specialists to relax the facial muscles in this problem area, diminishing the look of bunny nose lines.

Bunny Nose Line Treatment
Gummy Smiles

A gummy smile is when too much gum shows above the teeth when smiling or speaking. Many patients can feel self-conscious about a gummy smile. However, at QC Skin Cancer & Laser Clinic Melbourne, we offer an affordable solution. Cosmetic injectables can remedy a gummy smile by relaxing the muscles in the upper lip to prevent it from lifting too high above your teeth.

Gummy Smile Treatment

Courtesy of Dr. Buonassisi, West Clinic,
Vancouver, Canada

Upper Lip Lines

Upper lip lines are a common area of treatment as many clients have felt that these wrinkles dramatically age the face. These vertical lines above the lip are all part of the natural ageing process, with a loss of volume and support in the jawbone. Our trusted cosmetic doctors can diminish the look of these upper lip lines with cosmetic injections to soften and smooth the appearance of wrinkles.

Upper Lip Lines Treatment
Dimpled Chin

Dimpled chin lines are most noticeable while talking or eating, and often form as a result of fat loss around the chin area as we age. These lines can be reduced at our skin specialist Melbourne practice, with the use of anti-wrinkle cosmetic injections to smooth out dimples.

Dimpled Chin Treatment

Courtesy of Dr. Liotta

Mouth Frown Lines

Frown lines around the mouth are caused by a loss of collagen in the face with aging, leading to reduced elasticity and hydration of the skin. Many clients find that the wrinkles that form around the mouth diminish the appearance of firm, rejuvenated skin. At QC Skin Cancer & Laser Clinic Melbourne, our anti-wrinkle cosmetic injections service is a simple solution that works to relax and smooth out frown lines.

Jaw Sliming

Cosmetic injectables can also be useful to create the appearance of a slimmer, more defined face and jawline. Many clients feel self-conscious about a wide-set jaw. However, by working with a cosmetic doctor to remedy this issue area, cosmetic injections may be the best course of action. By injecting muscle-relaxing, anti-wrinkle cosmetic injections into the jaw muscle that causes a bulk in appearance, the square jaw can be significantly reduced.

Jaw Slimming

Courtesy of Dr. Paul Vitenas,
Houston, Texas. Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery

Neck Bands

Neck bands form as a result of the constant downward pull of your neck muscle, and is generally an issue that is brought on with ageing. While clients often find the appearance of strained bands along the neck to be noticeable, this problem area can be addressed by a cosmetic doctor. Anti-wrinkle cosmetic injections are a muscle relaxant that can smooth out this ‘ropey’ appearance of the neck.

Neck Bands Treatment

Aging skin can be an area of distress for many. Here at QC Skin Cancer & Laser Clinic, we are the skin care specialists in Melbourne with the solutions! To book a consultation with our Doctors, contact us today.

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