Sun Spot Removal

With our advanced and effective sun spot removal treatments, QC Skin and Laser clinic Melbourne are committed to helping you achieve a luminous, spot-free complexion. 

Our non-invasive, personalised treatments can remove your unwanted sun spots in one session. Removal of sun spots, skin pigmentations, age spots, and sun-induced blemishes has never been more effective. With our proven treatment we can effectively target and rejuvenate your skin with remarkable precision.

What Are Sun Spots?

A common misconception by some patients is that they call any facial pigmentation due to aging wrongly as Sun Spots! (Aging Pigmentation)

Sun spots, also referred to as solar keratosis, are from sun exposure. While Facial Pigmentations, also referred to as Solar Lentigines, are from Aging. The sun damages the skin, mostly on the face, lips, arms and hands and appears to be particularly prevalent in individuals with fair skin who have regular sun exposure.



The sun spots may appear as dark, red and scaly spots. Sensitivity to heat or sun exposure can accompany this condition, making the affected areas tender.

best treatment for sunspots starting with assessment.
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Sun Spot Removal Assessment

It’s important to note that sun spots are deemed potentially precancerous. Without proper treatment, there is a risk of them progressing into a type of cancer known as squamous cell carcinoma (SCC).


Early Intervention

Early intervention is crucial for managing and preventing the potential progression of sun spots into more serious health concerns. Learn more about skin checks and how the process works. 

Before and After Sun Spot Removal

Sun spots can be treated with laser procedures, which is our recommended treatment or topical creams. PDT Photodynamic Therapy is the most effective, non-invasive treatment that eradicates sun spots in one session. The images below show before and after sun spot removal. 

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Laser Sun Spot Removal

Sun spot and sun damaged skin may have left its mark, but our state-of-the-art laser technology is here to redefine the narrative.


Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

Photodynamic therapy is a straightforward and non-invasive treatment method that involves applying a cream

or spray containing 5-ALA to areas affected by sun damage. Recovery time varies from a few days up to two weeks.


Fraxel Laser resurfacing

The use of Fraxel laser resurfacing with a 1940 wavelength is also effective for treating sun spots, along with promoting skin rejuvenation and addressing additional signs of ageing such as wrinkles and pigmentation. When combined with photodynamic therapy, the treatment achieves a remarkably high efficacy in simultaneously addressing sun spots and combating facial ageing.


Sun Spot Removal Cream

Prescription topical creams are commonly recommended for addressing sun spots, and various options are accessible in the market, including 5FU, Imiquimod, and diclofenac sodium. The typical treatment duration ranges from 3 to 8 weeks. However, these creams entail a prolonged application period and recovery time, spanning from 3 to 8 weeks and 5 to 10 weeks, respectively. It’s worth noting that their efficacy falls short of that achieved with photodynamic therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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