Full Body Molemap

Out of pocket fees: $200

Is the most advanced and comprehensive method to diagnose skin cancer early.

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It comprises two tests:

1.Total Body Mole Mapping

It entails the use of a cutting-edge technology to take photographs of your entire body systematically.It creates a map of your moles (“bodymap”) to monitor even the slightest changes to your moles over time.

2.Full Body Skin Check

Our accredited doctor, whom is specialised in skin cancer diagnosis and treatment, utilises a Dermoscope (Mole scanner) to examine all your spots on body from head to toe. Dermoscope (Mole scanner) is an epiluminescence microscope which magnifies spots up to 130 times in order to detect changes not visible to naked eyes.


  • - Monitoring of the entire skin and each individual mole
  • - Examination and analysis from head to toe
  • - Regular check-ups will show any changes in the early stages
  • - No unnecessary surgery

How does Total Body Mole Mapping work?

A new high-tech total body mapping system developed by FOTOFINDER in Germany, called Bodystudio ATBM,uses an automated imaging system to photograph the patient from head to toe.
In follow-up session, another set of head to toe images will be captured by ATBM and then it compares them with images from the previous examination.
The new or changed moles detected by the software are marked with red or yellow circles.
It allows monitoring of most of skin surface. It helps to detect malignant skin changes at an earliest possible stage and to avoid multiple excisions in patients at risk.

moelmap body scan

How is the skin check performed?

The skin check lasts around 20 minutes. The doctor will examine your body from head to toe. You will be required to undress to your underwear and a blanket can be provided for your comfort.
Genital areas are not routinely examined; however, skin cancers can develop in any area of the body and you should inform the doctor about any suspicious spots under your underwear.
The doctor will only check these areas if you request them to do so.

Please avoid wearing nail polish, make-up or a fake tan when you come in for your skin examination, as these products can disguise spots and make them harder to find.

The procedure is completely painless. If doctor finds a suspicious spot, they might take a photograph to be recorded and analysed, and they might take a biopsy which is a sample of the skin.

Who is it recommended for?

  • - A person with High Number of moles
  • - A person with Personal or family history of melanoma
  • - Anyone wanting the most advanced and comprehensive method to diagnose skin cancer early