Cosmetic lesion removal

Cosmetic lesion removal

The rise of skin cancer

Undoubtedly, much of Australia’s culture revolves around being out and about, playing sports, staying active and being in the sun. However, the overexposure to the harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun has resulted in Australia having one of the highest skin cancer incidence rates compared to other countries. The two most common forms of skin cancer, basic cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, are also the less harmful types as they spread slower. Melanoma is the most harmful type of skin cancer can quickly spread to other parts of the body and is the least common of the three. 

The most common way to identify and diagnose one for skin cancer is by looking at the moles and lesions on one’s skin. Whilst many skin lesions and moles can be benign (non-cancerous) and unharmful for most of their life, there is also still a risk of them becoming malignant (cancerous) in the future.

What are skin lesions?

Skin lesions are any abnormal lumps, growths or patches that look physically different from the surrounding skin. Most lesions are harmless (benign), some can often cause irritation such as scratching and may eventuate to bleeding, which may require cosmetic removal.

So the solution? Cosmetic Benign Lesions and Mole Removal.

What does Cosmetic Benign Lesion and Mole Removal do?

Cosmetic Benign Lesion and Mole Removal is a medical procedure to remove benign skin lesions or moles from the body, leaving you practically scarless. With the use of advanced medical technology, they can be removed without cutting or penetrating the skin, which would have been the traditional approach that could also involve stitches.

Why should you consider removing lesions and moles?

There are usually two main reasons as to why people remove lesions and moles. The first is irritation and the  second reason is its appearance

Mole Removal Before and After

Many people choose to have their skin lesions or moles removed due to other inconveniences. Sometimes, moles can experience a general irritation on the surface or the more prominent moles or protruding lesions can get scratched, hooked on clothing, such as a bra strap or belt, depending on the location. As a result, Cosmetic Benign Lesion and Mole Removal is a solution to these everyday nuisances. 

Lastly, another reason many of our patients visit us at QC Skin Cancer & Laser Clinic is to remove non-cancerous lesions as it may affect their physical appearance. Some of the other underlying reasons to remove them relate to how they may potentially impact their self-esteem, leading them to be more self-conscious or underconfident with their looks. Others also think that the lesions or moles on their face, specifically, simply draw unwanted attention to those regions of their face.


How does the procedure work?

Age spot mole removal


Our Cosmetic Benign Lesion and Mole Removal service are where we use a Radio surgical device, the Ellman RF, to remove any benign lesions from your skin. No blades, bleeding or even stitches are needed for this procedure. You’ll walk out of our QC Skin Cancer & Laser Clinic healthier and with the best cosmetic result.

Our specialised cosmetic Doctor will perform radiosurgery, a medical procedure where radiation of an Ultra-high Frequency wavelength, is used to carefully remove the benign lesion or mole. This is similar to a shaving approach to remove moles or protruding skin lesions in a delicate manner, without needing any excisions. Despite it being called “radiosurgery”, the treatment is a non-surgical procedure that we perform with great precision, causing minimal damage to the surrounding tissue, leaving the skin to be unscarred and smooth again.

How much does it cost?

Cosmetic Removal


Whilst there are many moles and skin lesions which can be unharmful to the human body and do not need to be removed, some of the more dangerous ones do require immediate action. Thus, all benign lesions need to be diagnosed thoroughly by Skin Cancer doctors before any removal. At QC Skin Cancer & Laser Clinic Melbourne, our doctors firstly assess the spot to make a thorough diagnosis. Our Cosmetic Benign Lesion and Mole Removal costs $300 to perform the procedure for a single lesion. After that, the removal of any subsequent skin lesion reduces to $150.

QC Skin Cancer & Laser Clinic is based in Rowville and has treated patients at risk or in the early stages of skin cancer across Melbourne. If you would like to have a consultation about cosmetic benign lesion and mole removals or want to enquire about some of our other services, such as laser surgery for skin cancer, contact QC Skin Cancer & Laser Clinic today. You can reach us by phone on 03 9764 1662, by email at, or book online to arrange a free cosmetic consultation appointment to start discussing your skin’s cosmetic mole & age spot removal.