Do you have skin concerns you would like to address?

Have the signs of aging begun to develop, and you’re unsure what treatment options are available to help you?

Our skin care specialist doctors can assist you with this during a comprehensive cosmetic assessment.

What occurs during a consultation? During your consultation, our skin care specialist doctors will conduct a thorough skin analysis, digital imaging to highlight and discuss your current skin concerns as well as discussing the most up-to-date treatment options available.

At QC skin cancer & laser clinic, we use state-of-the-art aesthetic photography systems, a cutting-edge skin visualization technology, to capture unparalleled imagery to support you in your skin journey. With the ability to produce high resolution images, combined with the power of integrated advanced skin analysis software, it enables the development of a realistic, patient-focused, detailed, and informative cosmetic plan by our Cosmetic Doctors to help you reach your skin goals.

With regular follow up photography, we can monitor your progress throughout your cosmetic journey; in turn building trust and confidence in the efficacy of your chosen treatments, which can be altered accordingly to achieve the highest level of patient satisfaction and results along the way.

Common skin concerns addressed during these sessions include:

1) Sun damaged skin and skin cancers

As our largest bodily organ, skin can very easily become sun-damaged over years of Sun exposure which can become a concern as it greatly increases the risk of developing skin cancer. At QC Skin Cancer & Laser Clinic Rowville, our doctors who are specialised in skin cancer medicine firstly assess your skin for any sign of sun damage or skin cancer. Should any issue be detected, you will be provided with the most appropriate options. Treatment can include the following options:

· Biopsies

· Surgeries

· skin cancer laser treatment

· Metvix PDT treatment

· Laser sunspot removal

2) Unsightly Moles, age spots and other benign lesions

Age Spots, Moles, Skin Tags, and cysts are four common types of non-cancerous skin growths. We use a range of surgical and non-surgical options for mole removal to achieve the best possible cosmetic result, at times this may mean laser Mole & age spot removal is more favourable than surgeries.

3) Acne

Many people suffer from acne, making it the most common skin condition in the world. Our skin specialist doctors use a wide range of options including creams, oral medications, and laser treatment to address this common skin condition and help you regain your confidence.

4) Scar

Scars can be flat, raised, or sunken, depending on the circumstances that caused the wound. Whether you are looking to get rid of a surgical scar or diminish the scars and marks left by acne, we can help you with our laser scar removal treatments! In the case of Keloid scar treatment, lasers may be combined with other treatment options including injections to encourage prompt resolution of excess scar tissue growth whilst reducing recurrence rate.

5) Pigmentation

Accumulated sun exposure accelerates pigment production or the development of brown patches and marks on the surface of the skin. These dark marks can be rectified with our laser pigmentation removal treatments. Laser freckle removal or laser pigment treatments can remove these spots in approximately 1-3 sessions in most cases.

6) Broken capillaries and facial redness

Lifestyle facts such as contact sports, rosacea, allergies, and sun damage can all contribute to visible veins developing on the surface of the skin. Laser vein removal treatments are a quick and effective way to reduce the appearance of facial redness. Broken capillaries removal or Rosacea Laser can achieve successful removal of redness in 1-3 treatments.

7) Facial Aging

Typical signs of aging begin with the onset of wrinkle lines (shallow fine lines or deeper more prominent lines), enlarged skin pores, dry and rough skin, volume loss and skin sagging.

We categorise people into 5 different groups in respect to the severity of their aging and provide them with customised treatment options for their level of aging.

At QC skin cancer & laser clinic we provide the following treatment options for facial aging:

· Fraxel Laser resurfacing

· comprehensive cosmetic assessment service

· anti-wrinkle injections

· Dermal fillers

· Biostimulators

· thread lift

A personalised treatment plan will be developed, and a report can be printed out upon your request.

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