Dr. Michael Safaie

Dr. Michael Safaie is a highly qualified skin cancer physician, who has been practising skin cancer medicine since 2012 and has acquired his accreditation via Skin cancer college of Australasia in 2014. He currently holds a senior lecturer position at University of Queensland's School of Medicine, where he teaches for the Master of Skin Cancer Medicine course.


The Skin Cancer College Australasia (SCCA) awards Skin Cancer College Accredited status to doctors who have completed significant additional study, passed rigorous assessment and have proven skills in the diagnosis and management of skin cancer.

Dr. Michael Safaie - Qualifications

Professional Doctorate of Medicine (MD) (SHAHID BEHESHTI UOMS, Tehran, Iran) – 2005

Australian Medical Council certificate (AMC) – 2011

Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) – 2012

Certificate of Dermoscopy (SCCA) – 2013

Certificate of skin cancer Medicine (SCCA) – 2013

Fellowship Royal Australian college of General Practitioners – 2014

Diploma of Dermoscopy (SCCA) – 2014

Laser Safety certificate (ACAM) – 2015

Diploma of Dermatology (Australian institute of Dermatology) – 2015

Diploma of skin cancer Medicine & Surgery (SCCA) – 2015

Dermal filler Certificate (GALDERMA) – 2016

Master in Non-Surgical Facial Transformation (European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery) – 2018

Master in Thread Lifting (APTOS) – 2020